Clean colon before beginning cleanse

HERBALS: Friday: Drink apple juice - all day. Eat Applesauce, Pears or Pear Juice, Prunes of Figs, optional.
HYDRANGEA - promotes break-up of stone - 2-3 caps 3x a day
CASCARA SAGRADA - 1-3x a day - herbal laxative
BLG-X - 2-3x a day - gall bladder cleansing

Saturday: Same as Friday except at night just before bed - Blend 4 oz lemon juice. Chase with apple, orange or grapefruit juice and 2-3 ice cubes. Lie on right side to sleep.

Sunday: Morning - you will usually pass gall stone in 12-24 hours. Take enema if nothing happens. Look like green peas

CAUTION: Colema or Colonics helpful

DIET: Same as Friday - Monday add vegetable soup


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The Information provided on this disk has been taken from records of the uses of Ancestral Foods as found in : Health Handbook & Today's Herbal Health, The How to Herb book, Nutritional Herbology and Historical Uses of Herbs and is for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose and treat diseases.  If you have a serious health concern, please consult a competent health practitioner.